Rovena and Boogie Windsor — November 2007 Volunteers of the Month

For November 2007, the All Souls Program Council made the inspired selection of two volunteers of the month — Rovena and Boogie Windsor. This dynamic couple served as professors in the Hogwarts Summer RE Program, and they also lead the Earth-Based Spirituality Covenant Group.

In addition, Boogie cooks and prepares breakfast snacks every Sunday, and Rovena has filled the long-vacant post of Communications Chair and has worked with Debbie Stille to construct spreadsheets tracking church members and their interests.  And they have taken vacation time to help clean up the RE wing of the building and to trim the bushes on the grounds.

With all this activity, the least we can do is to offer them the Parking Spot of Honor to encourage them to spend even more time at All Souls!


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