All Souls has approximately 130 adult members and 50 children and youth who come from many walks of life and religious backgrounds.

Choosing to join All Souls is making a commitment to our community. The members of our spiritual community need to know that we can count on one another to walk together in beloved community.

Being a member of our community means commitment to our covenant, our programs, and each other.  Becoming a member brings both benefits and expectations.

Some know when they arrive that they wish to join.  They may be long-time Unitarian Universalists who have belonged to other Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Others may have been searching for a spiritual community for some time and realize when they arrive at All Souls that they have found what they were looking for in a community.

And some come to All Souls without knowing quite what they are looking for in their spiritual home.  They may need to attend worship, learn more about the church, participate in covenant groups and meet members before making a decision.  There is no “right” length of time to wait before joining — it is a personal decision.

Within the context of your own personal religious journey, members are expected to:

  • Worship with the congregation
  • Pursue your own spiritual growth
  • Join in the work and play of the congregation
  • Make a financial commitment
  • Care for and support others in our community
  • Perform service to the wider community
  • Connect with the larger Unitarian Universalist movement

There are three basic steps you need to complete to join All Souls:

  • Attend a membership orientation after church which are generally held once a month.
  • Sign the Stepping Stones book, which shows significant interest in pursing membership.
  • Finally, after having made a financial pledge and having waited at least four more weeks, sign the membership book to formalize your joining.

At any stage of your journey you can learn more about All Souls in many ways.

Join us in one of our many activities we offer, which you will find listed in our newsletter, on the announcement sheet found in the order of service, or listed on the calendar of events found on our web site.

Learn more about us through “Covenant Groups,” a type of small group ministry we offer at All Souls.

For a copy of our latest newsletter, please inquire in the church office after the worship service or send us a request via email.  If you like to be added to our newsletter mailing list, just give your name and address to our Office Administrator after the service.  We also have selected back issues of our newsletter available online here.

And please continue to attend our Worship Services every Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM.  We have podcast audio recordings available online as well.

(Updated – 30 September 2016)


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