Terry McNeill — June 2011 Volunteer of the Month

What can one say about this June’s Volunteer of the Month?  Hard-working and tireless comes to mind.

He has done too much to name in the way of maintenance on our building, always showing up and working for the duration at every Building and Grounds Work Day.  He also helped us recently to get a great deal on renting some specially made scaffolding to change the light bulbs in the sanctuary.

He is the king of the scaffolding, and not only that, but he lends his tenor voice to the All Souls Choir, along with his wife Danette who has joined the sopranos.

He also attended and participated enthusiastically in both the New UU and Welcoming Congregation workshops.

For the New UU, he even graciously agreed to return as a guest panelist to talk about his involvement with the choir.  For everything that he does, the Council names Terry McNeill as the Volunteer of the Month for June 2011.


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