Pamela Raintree — December 2013 Volunteers of the Month

The All Souls Board and Program Council are proud to announce that Pamela Raintree is our December 2013 Volunteer of the Month.

Pamela dedication to All Souls approaches divine levels — so much so that she played the voice of God in a recent dramatic portrayal of the Exodus story.

She put forth the same level of dedication for the many things she does for the members of our church.

Pamela moved in with Carol Graywing’s elderly mother, Colleen while Carol underwent surgery and rehabilitation — continuing to assist Carol after her release from the hospital.

In November 2013, Pamela helped coordinate our Transgender Day of Remembrance (a international event that took place locally at All Souls with a candle-lighting ceremony memorializing individuals who were slain the past year for being transgender).

So — the next time you see Pam — take a moment to consider how dedicated one woman can be.


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