Online All-Ages Worship (24 May 2020)

Please join us on Sunday (24 May 2020) at 11:00 AM for “Re-imagining” by Rev. Barbara Jarrell.

Imagine the turns this service might take, and then join us to find out!

Our service will be livestreamed on Facebook Live here.

If you’re on Facebook, just enter All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church- Shreveport, Louisiana in the search bar and go to the All Souls Facebook page around 10:55 to join in.

Because the All Souls Facebook page is a public page, you should be able to see the worship service whether or not you have a Facebook account.

You do need a Facebook account to “like” and comment on the worship service.

While we are remaining physically distant, we want to know how you are doing, what you need, and what you are interested in.  You can let us know using these online surveys.

And you can contribute to All Souls using this online resource.


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