Online Religious Education for Children and Youth (17 May 2020)

Please join us for our online religious education for children and youth this Sunday (17 May 2020) — we will start this online Zoom classroom about 5 minutes after our worship service is over.

The Zoom link  for this group will be found on the All Souls Religious Education Facebook Group.

If you aren’t on Facebook, send Susan an email or text Susan at 318-465-3427 and she will send you the Zoom link for the session.

This Sunday — We’ll talk about the ways we settle our spirits when we are afraid, angry, or upset, and the daily habits that help us do that.

Eva Kate Peck (who has a mindfulness practice of her own) will lead us in a meditation.  We’ll also learn a quick technique for getting more calm and centered in a difficult moment.

We can still use your art work illustrating our principles and sources (especially the 3rd and 4th principles):

  • How people act when they support each other and learn together
  • How people act when they are free to search for truth in their own lives

You can post it on the All Souls Religious Education Facebook Group or email it to Susan.


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