Online All-Ages Worship (6 June 2021)

Please join us on Sunday (6 June 2021) at 11:00 AM for “To Be Determined” featuring this year’s graduating seniors Eleanora Lawrence and Gretchen Upton.

This service is an outdoor in-person service in celebration of our community and to honor our graduates.

Our service will be livestreamed on Facebook Live here.

As we gather this Sunday, let us covenant to be together in a way that is safe for all of our community.

  • Although many of us are fully vaccinated, our children under age 12 are not vaccinated.  The research on vaccinated people asymptomatically shedding the virus is encouraging but not conclusive.  We ask that everyone wear their masks and maintain social distance from those not in your family group or vaccinated pod in this public space (current recommendations at least 3 feet apart).
  • If you want to join us at the church but are not comfortable being in this public space, you will have the option to remain in your car and hear the service through your FM radio or watch via Facebook Live on your phone or other portable devices.
  • If you are not yet ready for in-person gathering, you are still welcome to join us from home via Facebook Live (especially if you are part of our community who joins us from other states).

Thank you for your respect and cooperation.

We will have a  virtual coffee hour after the service on Zoom.

While we are remaining physically distant, we want to know how you are doing, what you need, and what you are interested in.  You can let us know using these online surveys.

And you can contribute to All Souls using this online resource.



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