Children and Youth Religious Education Updates

We will continue to watch the local COVID numbers.  We feel encouraged by the cooling weather and the possibility of comfortable outdoor activities.

We are not resuming regular classes for children and youth at this time because our classrooms are too small to be safe for unvaccinated children, and because we want some time to be together and nurture each other before we start recruiting people to do stuff.

We will have “busy bags” for kids sitting in the pews with their parents and our services will be welcoming to all ages.

We have already heard from one of you who wants to get back to teaching and we are so grateful for your interest in this.

If others of you are out there, email Susan Caldwell.

If the virus continues on the downward trajectory, we will probably schedule a teacher training in December 2021 and plan to start back with classes in January 2022.

If we experience another holiday surge, we may slip that to the right for a January-February 2022 time frame for teacher training followed by a resumption of classes.

Thanks to all for your patience and flexibility.


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