North Louisiana Interfaith — October 2023 Give-Away-The-Plate Recipient

Each month we dedicate all of our non-pledge income to an organization doing the work that best embodies our Unitarian Universalist principles and values.

For the month of October 2023, we choose North Louisiana Interfaith — an organization of institutions working together to make life better for citizens of Northwest Louisiana.

All Souls is proud to be a member institution of Interfaith.

Projects include the current Pledge to Vote campaign and the upcoming launch of the Community Lighthouse Project.

Two ways to donate:

OnlineGo to our donation site using this link.  If you are paying your pledge, select “2023 Pledges” and enter that amount for your pledge contribution.  Then select “Collection Plate” to give the amount you would like to give to North Louisiana Interfaith and then put “GATP OCT 2023” or “North Louisiana Interfaith” in the comment section.  All online collection plate contributions for the month of October 2023 will go to North Louisiana Interfaith.

Offline — Please send your give away the plate contribution checks to All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 9449 Ellerbe Road, Shreveport LA  71106.  Please put “North Louisiana Interfaith” on the memo line of the check if  you want to have 100% of your check go to North Louisiana Interfaith.  If you want less than 100% of your check to go to North Louisiana Interfaith, please put the amount you want going to North Louisiana Interfaith on the memo line.


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