Give Away the Plate for September 2019

We have changed the way we do our Give Away the Plate donations each month.

Instead of taking up just one collection per month, we are giving half of our non-pledge income each week to one organization for the entire month.

This month’s Give Away the Plate is going to Northern and Central Louisiana Interfaith to help pay the dues we have pledged as a member organization.

Interfaith has been a highly effective partnership of congregations and other organizations working together to create real change in our community and throughout our state as an affiliate of Together Louisiana and the Industrial Areas Foundation.

Most recently, Interfaith and Together Louisiana have succeeded in securing important reforms to the state’s long overly wasteful Industrial Tax Exemption Program.

Interfaith is currently working on local issues such as crime, workforce development, and property standards along with Get Out the Vote efforts and planning a Candidate Accountability Meeting for 11 October  2018 at Mt. Canaan Baptist Church.

Interfaith accepts no government money nor does it make contributions to politicians or parties.

It is funded by its member institutions as well as grants from several organizations but as we all know, grants can be “seasonal” while membership is much more consistent.

We are proud to honor our commitment to this very worthwhile organization.