Betty Gorey Parent Drive-In Memorial Service (23 May 2020)

On Saturday (23 May 2020) at 10:00 AM CDT (Shreveport local time), we will have a drive-in memorial service to honor the life of Betty Gorey Parent.

The memorial service will happen in the parking lot of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (9449 Ellerbe Road, Shreveport LA)

The service will be broadcast locally in the parking lot to the FM radio into your car (87.9 MHz).

The memorial service will also be a livestream video on the All Souls Facebook page.

We will gather — in physical and virtual space — to celebrate the life of Betty Gorey Parent.

In our efforts to do our best to honor her wishes in an event that is safe for all concerned, we are asking attendees to observe these essential COVID-19 safety precautions:

  • All in-person participants (speakers, family members, and designated support volunteers) will be masked and will keep social distance.
  • All in-person attendees must remain in their cars in the parking lot. Some will be able to see the service live from their parking spots, but some may not be able to see the service live. These persons can access video and audio via Facebook Live.
  • Attendees may also access the memorial service audio via FM frequency 87.9 MHz FM on their car radios.
  • Overflow parking will be available in the parking lot of Grace Community Church (with their kind permission). The FM broadcast should be available there as well or you can use Facebook Live on your cell phone.
  • Betty wanted a second line out of the church at the end of her service, so in as close an approximation to that as we can muster, we’ll give her a closing parade! Attendees are invited to drive through the circle as they exit after the service. Feel free to bring a white or (tie-dyed) handkerchief to wave out of your window if you are so inclined.
  • Attendees who wish to do so may take a packet of wildflower seeds as a gift from Betty as they exit. These will be lovingly and safely put together and distributed by people conscientiously observing safety precautions.
  • Finally, we are making virtual attendance as accessible to all as possible from your homes! The All Souls Facebook page is a public page that you can access without a Facebook account, just as many people do for Sunday services. You can participate there and pay your respects in the Comment section for the video stream. This will be saved and remain accessible to the family.

Thank you for your cooperation as we celebrate this one-of-a-kind woman in this first-of-its-kind service at All Souls!


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