Online Adult Religious Education — 21 June 2020

Please join us on Sunday (21 June 2020) at 9:15 AM for our adult religious education class via Zoom.

We will be continuing Faith Forward:  Spiritual Practice with “Session 8 — Discernment and Devotional Reading (Lectio Divina).”

Discernment is the practice of listening to the “small, still voice” within. One way that we can practice discernment is with a kind of devotional reading that calls us to contemplate a particular passage and to break it open to find the message inside that speaks to us.

We will try this in our session with a short passage by Thomas Merton, and we will also think about how as Unitarian Universalists we might create our own lectionary (a cycle of readings that have meaning for us and call us to revisit them and contemplate how that meaning grows and changes with us).


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