Fight 5 at 5 Continues (Last Week) — Citizen Education Campaign on Amendment 5

Every Thursday in October 2020 at 5:00 PM, we’re continuing to offer a citizen education campaign launched on 5 October 2020.

The last “Fight 5 at 5” event will be happening this Thursday (29 October 2020) at 5:00 PM

You will also learn how to talk to your family and friends about this very damaging amendment.

You can register here if you want to attend.

What Amendment 5 Would Do

Attendees for this event will receive:

  • Clear, concise information about where Constitutional Amendment 5 came from and the impact it would have
  • A packet of educational material and social media posts to share with your congregation, organizational members, clients, customers, neighbors and local media
  • Information about how to get involved in the campaign to defeat Amendment 5

Need a quick 1-pager for talking to friends? Find it here.


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