Online Adult Religious Education — 1 August 2021

Please join us on Sunday (1 August 2021) at 9:00 AM for our adult religious education class via Zoom.

We have completed our White Fragility book study group using the book by Robin DiAngelo.

Continuing our focus on living into the Eighth Principle, we will view and discuss two videos from Emmanuel Acho’s video podcast “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.”

His book by the same name grew out of this podcast series.

We will be viewing “Uncomfortable Conversations with the NFL” — Emmanuel Acho’s conversation with Roger Goodell (Commissioner of the National Football League – NFL).

They’ll be talking about the movement among players in the NFL and other sports leagues to engage in peaceful protest during the National Anthem.

The conversation is in two parts.

We will all watch and discuss both videos together on Sunday.

Feel free to watch ahead and make notes on the points that most interest you that you want to discuss in the group.


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