Our Whole Lives Grades 10-12 Sexuality Education Parent Orientation (3 December 2018)

NOW (National Organization for Women) Shreveport – Bossier and All Souls in partnership are offering a parent / caregiver orientation for the Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality education curriculum for grades 10-12.

This orientation will happen on Monday (3 December 2018) from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM at All Souls

If you are a parent or adult caregiver / guardian of a high school-age youth in grades 10-12 (ages 15-18), we invite you to come and learn from our trained facilitators about the OWL program.

We we will be offering to youth from All Souls and the wider community after the first of the year.

OWL is a comprehensive lifespan sexuality education curriculum jointly created by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.

OWL can be taught in the church setting or in a secular community setting (we plan to offer it in an effort to make it available to as many youth as possible in the wider community).

OWL is a series of age-appropriate sexuality education programs that cover the lifespan from K-1 through older adults (ages 50+).

We plan to offer the curriculum for high school youth (grades 10-12 or equivalent) in early winter – spring 2019 and then offer the longer program for grades 7-9 next year (2019-2020 school year).

OWL is built on the foundation that parents are their children’s first sexuality educators.  However, research shows that (given a choice) parents would expand the scope of the sex education offered in their children’s schools or that they can offer themselves.

That is probably nowhere more true than in Louisiana where abstinence-only sex education is not only incomplete but also often woefully inaccurate.

Created using the standards of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), OWL meets or exceeds the National Standards for Sexuality Education Core Curriculum (grades K-12) in every category of assessment.

OWL Offers:

  • Accurate information presented in developmentally appropriate ways
  • Guiding values and principles
  • Activities to help participants clarify values and improve decision-making skills
  • A safe and supportive peer group
  • Acceptance of diversity
  • A social justice approach to inclusive sexuality education
  • Safe and supportive facilitators who have been background-checked and trained to teach the OWL curriculum

To RSVP for the orientation or for more information, call or text Susan Caldwell at 318-465-3427 or email her using dre@allsoulsshreveport.org.


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