How Are You Doing … And What Do You Need?

Bennett Upton (All Souls Board President) has designed two surveys to determine how you are faring through the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and what kind of help you might need or might be able to give.

We also want to know what kind of online programming you would find most helpful to keep you connected to your church community even when we can’t be together in the same room.

Please take just a few minutes to fill out both of them and help us shape a strong and resilient congregation for the days to come.

  • Coronavirus Check-In — How are you? We’re trying to assess the impact of the coronavirus on the congregation to find our areas of greatest need.  We’ll keep this information held within a small group of staff and lay leadership in the congregation.
  • Staying Connected — We’re looking to see how we can serve you better and keep you connected to the community.  We’re interested to hear all of your thoughts on how we could do it better.  We’ll also use this to better target our communications with you.  Your answers will be kept confidential, held in a small group of members only and anonymous whenever possible.

Feel free to share this with people that you feel might be interested as church membership is not a requirement of participation.  We welcome the inputs from anyone who participates in the All Souls community.


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